Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reverting to the Old Standard

The stresses of a playoff run by your favorite ball club can do some damage to your mind.  The Dodgers were last in postseason play in 2009.  That seems like so long ago and a distant memory.  The anguish a baseball fan goes through while watching his team play can be three hours or more of pain during the playoffs.  Even playoff victories lend stress induced blackouts to a person's psyche.  Each playoff game has high impact moments.  The blowout games even have intense innings before a team breaks loose and crushes the ball.

Playoff travel days for the Dodgers give fans some reprieve from high anxiety and gives supporters a chance to breath.  Today is an off day from the NLCS for the players as well as the fans of the Dodgers and Cardinals.  An off day for me personally is a day to be devoted to getting my baseball card collection in order.

Today is also a great time to unwind and not focus my mind solely on the Dodger playoff chances.  That is going to be difficult but, nothing is like immersing yourself in a pile of cardboard gold to take your mind off of anything.

This is my first Yasiel Puig baseball card.  I have taken a slight hiatus from purchasing 2013 baseball cards.  I have been dipping back into the pool of 90s greatness.  Most of the cards from sets that came out during the second half of the baseball season have been obtained through trades.

Brad from the well named site called Brad's Blog had sent me a nice loot of 2013 Dodger cards.  He included a good amount of 2013 Topps Chrome cards that I haven't even seen yet.  I have yet to rip open a pack of 2013 Topps Chrome and now that I have several Dodgers from the set, this makes me less inclined to pick any up at the card shop.

The Puig rookie is probably one of the most sought after cards from the Chrome base set.  He is an electrifying player that is having a solid playoff run.  Glad to have this card in my collection.

Another swell 2013 card that Brad sent me features NLCS Game 5 hero, Adrian Gonzalez.  Gonzalez belted two home runs in the Dodger victory yesterday afternoon.  One of his homers was a soaring shot that went halfway up the Right Field Pavilion.

I only have a handful of Adrian Gonzalez cards that show him donning a Dodger uniform.  I may not even have the regular base version of this card.  Gypsy Queen has been somewhat avoided by me this year.  Panini Golden Age has been more my speed as far as retro sets go.

This post should have gotten most of my mind clear of thinking about playoff baseball.  I can now just zone out and place baseball cards in binders for a couple hours.  No thought of anything else except which cards will look best lined up on a 9 pocket page.

Thanks for the cards, Brad!

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