Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Smart Guy Signs For Me

I haven't written about a through the mail autograph in awhile.  I have a stack of them on my desk and I plan on giving each player a post eventually.  I am in a blogging mood today so, it is time to pick a player from the stack to share with my readers.

I decided to pick a player that had sent these cards back to me recently.  He was a favorite of mine when he was a Dodger.

Brad Ausmus played in the big leagues for 18 years before he retired as a Dodger in 2010.  He spent time with the Padres, Tigers, Astros and Dodgers.  Ausmus was known for being a good defender, a jokester, and a smart guy.

Ausmus attended Dartmouth College and graduated in 1991.  He was drafted by the Yankees in 1987 but, still chose to go to college.  He attended classes and played in the minor leagues during his off time.  Going to Dartmouth and playing minor league baseball at the same time is impressive.

Ausmus finished his career with over 1500 hits, 270 doubles and a surprising 102 steals.  That is pretty good for a catcher even though those 102 steals was spread out over 18 seasons.  Ausmus played well for the Dodgers in 2009.  That season he hit .295 in 95 at bats and chipped in one steal.

I like this 2009 Topps card that he signed for me in blue sharpie.  This photo was taken during spring training before the 2009 season and has Juan Pierre lurking in the background.  I have actually studied the fans in the seats of this photo.  I have checked to see if I see myself.  I am sad to report that I am not lurking in the background like Juan Pierre.

Before, I wrote to Ausmus, who now works in the San Diego Padre front office, I searched for cards of him.  I thought that since he played in the big leagues more than half my life, that he had a bunch of cards.  I searched my randoms box in the Astros and Tigers section but came up empty.

Luckily, the card shop that I go to has an awesome dime box.  Valley Sports Cards came through for me big time.  This card shows Ausmus breaking up a double play against the Chicago White Sox.  This is a nice looking card.

Thanks to Brad Ausmus for playing hard while in LA and signing these cards for me.

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